Let me start off by telling you about my number one obsession... Skin, and in particular, Skin Care! I've been passionate about it since I was very young, and even as a child I loved to make my own masks from various ingredients around the house, like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and of course, mud! Like many young girls, I was concerned with taking care of myself and looking my best, so I spent many hours in the bathroom playing and primping and trying new things. Those were fun times! Plus, I remember when I learned in school that skin is the largest organ of the body, with a total area of around 20 square feet… well, what kid wouldn’t find that fascinating? It’s just something that’s always stuck with me.

Many years later, seeking to turn my passion into a career, I enrolled into the Aveda Institute of Las Vegas to pursue my love for all things Skin. I chose Aveda because of their emphasis on an respect for natural Skin Care, something I also wanted to concentrate on, and I was very pleased with the education I received. After graduation, I worked in a Spa. That’s where I really began to learn what a wide variety of products are actually available, as well as many new ways to properly care for Skin. While working there, I received various other Certifications, and worked my way up to Head Esthetician. Needless to say, it was an exciting time.

Then tragedy struck, as my Grandmother Eleanor, developed serious health issues and needed my family and I to take care of her. We decided that, in order to best meet her needs, the best option was to move her in with us. I had to make the difficult choice to put my career on hold and care for her, although in reality there wasn't a choice at all. I would drop anything for my family at any time. Unfortunately though, she passed away a couple months later, and I was beyond devastated. She meant the world to me and the bond that I had with her was Cosmic.

As if this wasn't hard enough, my youngest child was diagnosed with Autism shortly after my grandmothers passing. My husband and I had to be strong for him, and take all the steps necessary to meet his needs, all while helping each other work through our grief.

Two years later I was ready to get back to work, which thankfully led me to finding my greatest passion… Soap Making! I got a job with a local company and went to work making Soap! Working there for four years, I brought everything I knew about soap making that I learned while growing up from family members. I assisted in developing many different bath and body products, including scrubs, body butters, bath bombs, serums, masks and more. It was a wonderful experience, but as time went on I was starting to feel stagnant and needed to spend more time with my family. The desire to control my own destiny was growing and one day I decided it was time to move on to bigger things. I resigned my position as Head Soap Maker and with the love and support of my Handsome Husband, my wonderful Family and Friends, and my trusting Business Partner, I was able to make my dream come true and start Lenore Batherie! 

As I said before, my Grandmother meant the world to me. She was one of the strongest and most driven women I've ever known, and definitely the biggest influence on who I am and who I want to be. She was so full of love, and was completely dedicated to everyone she cared about and everything she did. So, I named Lenore after my Grandma Eleanor, to honor her memory and to remind me to never give up, not on myself or on my family, no matter how hard things get or what obstacles come my way. 

I’m striving to bring that same level of love and integrity to Lenore, and make my Grammy proud! I’m bringing my knowledge and experience as a Certified Esthetician to create Bath and Body Products that not only look and smell pretty, but have actual Skin Care and Health Benefits. I would love if every piece we offer also serves a purpose, but I also want to make things that are purely fun too! All products will be made in small batches using only All Natural, Sustainable ingredients to maintain the highest quality possible. As well as keeping our production and packaging as Earth Friendly as possible. We’re striving to stay humble, realize we don’t know everything and remain "forever students", so that we continue to learn, grow, and get better as we go! We want this to be our Legacy!

I only release the products I absolutely adore and would want to use myself, and I not only hope you like our products too, but fall in love with Lenore altogether!

Love & Light,