Let's chat about some of our bath bombs, shall we? I have a love/hate relationship with them. There are so many variables that affect these little aromatic fizzing balls, like the room temperature and changes in the weather and even what season it is! Let's just say that sometimes making them can be a bit challenging!

And, in our collection, Gypsy and Cotton Candy come in at a tie for being the biggest pains in my ...

Gypsy... She's a sultry beauty, with her dark lustre and crisp fragrance, but she's also a LOT of work. There are many options out there for Black Bath Bomb lovers. What most don't know is that some of these black beauties are pigmented with non FDA approved colorants, and some of those colorants are known to cause CANCER! On top of that, achieving the black in these babies can be difficult, especially doing it without using too much color. Activated Charcoal, although it's lovely and great for your skin, is are also notorious for living an awful mess in your tub. Knowing these things, I was on a mission to create a Non Toxic Bath Bomb that won't leave a ton of residue in your tub. It took me about a month, but finally I achieved what I set out to do and I couldn't be happier! The perfectly black Gypsy Bath Bomb ( I may be a little biased of course... ) that leaves minimal unsightly mess behind! Now, the hard part, we just have to reproduce that perfection in every batch! Yay!

Cotton Candy... This cute little lady with her fun stripes and sweet, sugary fragrance was a big challenge from day one! Combining two different types of Bath Bombs into one, both Foaming/Bubbling and Fizzing, this darn rebel kept activating itself after sitting over night. But, get this... only one of the colors would activate! It was very bizarre. Even though I used the same base recipe as most of our other Bath Bombs, she just wanted to be a brat. So, after a few weeks of trial and error, and the occasional tear drop of frustration, we got her to behave. And, I have to admit, even though we love our Cotton Candy bath Bomb, some of us here are little scorned and a bit intimidated when it comes time to make more of her! 

Now, I'll tell you about my favorites... Sweet Relief and Helena ...

Let's start with Sweet Relief... Green has been my favorite color ever since I was a child. Some girls liked purple and some girls liked pink. Not me! I wouldn't say I was a total tomboy or anything, but I wasn't afraid to get my hands dirty, do a little rough housing, and fall off my bike. I've had my share of scrapes and bruises! One of my favorite things to do growing up was rolling around in grass and hiding from my Sisters in our avocado tree. I guess I've always loved green simply because it reminds me of being young and outdoors. I've also always enjoyed the smell of Eucalyptus. This fragrance has always reminded me of going to Griffith Park Observatory with my Grandmother. I truly loved that place, and have so many great memories there! I also adore Peppermint and Juniper Berry. So, I put them all together into our Sweet Relief Bath Bomb! She's one of my go to's when I really need to reset. There's just something that is so soothing and comforting about this blend! 

And lastly, Helena... This one is my Grandmother personified. Her favorite color was red. She was a not your typical Granny! When she got sick and was in the hospital, I would visit her and paint her nails and do her hair and makeup. She always requested red polish and coral lip stain. And, she used to tell my sisters and I that when she was a kid she would on occasion use Vanilla Extract as perfume. I lived with her for awhile, and one thing I noticed was that she always had oranges in the house. Always. So, I've taken these three memories of my Grandmother and combined them into the Helena Bath Bomb! Her fragrant blend of Vanilla, Blood Orange, Black Berry, and Tangerine essential oils always remind me of Eleanor and all the good times we had, even if the times weren't so good. I chose the name Helena after the song by My Chemical Romance, about the singer's grandmother passing away. I found a lot of comfort in that song when my grammy left us, and as silly as it may sound, I find comfort in this Bath Bomb. I can say that this is a very special product for me, and I make it with a lot of extra care and love. It is is by far my absolute favorite!

I'll tell you more about the other Bombs in our collection soon...

Light & Love,